On behalf of my company, I want to express my appreciation for all your services. Your tireless efforts made our website one of the most successful we have ever had.
We are very pleased with the results and feel you met our expectations with a difficult topic quite well.

Rana Nizam

Art Director


As an information portal business, we were a pioneer investor in the online based businesses in Syria, and when we decided to be in the online business, we knew that the main constraint was the maintenance of our portal, despite the fact of our need for a sophisticated programmer, since our engine needed to be extremely sophisticated in terms of programming, IDEA PiPE simplified this process, and provided all the support we were in need of, they impressed us by the quality of service, and speed or response, today we became more of partners due to the daily interactions between both our parties.

Bishr Challah

Managing Partner


IDEA PiPE managed to surprise us with every suggestion made during the draft redesign of the site and we have seen a new online identity more alive, more fresh and more competitive.

Mohammad Zaghmout

Financial Analyst


It was really good choice choosing PHP PIPE to design our company official website in addition to other designs like logo, letter head , posters …. Work with this team was also very organized ,smooth and eventually their job was satisfactory for our company management board. Those young guys proved for us their ability of innovation using simplest touches of visual expression.

Ribal Dahaak

Sales Manager


Talent and passion. So we can describe the services offered by IDEA PiPE, more than that understood very well our specific professional associations in information technology, creating our logos to match.

Khaled Challeh

Managing Partner


IDEA PiPE provided us the proper capacity for our future growth with 24/7 support team, very nice and friendly email interface .
if you are looking for a new email service for your company, idea pipe will bring you the perfect solutions.

Mazen Shono

Sales Manager


IDEA PiPE managed to develop a site that exceeded our expectations. Design services were completed and delivered on time.

Mohammad Al Zaem



IDEA PiPE has succeeded in adapting the latest technologies and best practices in web design & development. Their proactive suggestions to meet our requirements in the best possible way following web usability and standards approach was the main reason for choosing to work with them.

Iyad Tibi

Nerdiology Photography


We found the IDEA PiPE a company with experience and professionalism in web services that highlight a company's reputation as ours. Best solutions transmit our values: safety, accuracy and high standards.

Eyad Daher

Web Admin


IDEA PiPE is a creative web design company, offering luxury, elegance and professionally in their designs. The most important part is their responsibility of the project from A to Z, reserving the domain name, assuring secure servers, designing and implementing the database as well as the web site. Personally, I strongly recommend IDEA PiPE as my favorite websites design.

Mhamad Topaji

Pre-Sales Engineer


Credibility and transparency is most encouraging to deal with IDEA PiPE in addition to the aesthetic design and professional action and implementation, to achieve our goal of creating a website which makes us unique from others.

Mhmad Al Farem

IT Manager