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SEO and Internet Marketing

To be or not to be? That is the SEO question. Yes, to have a website or to have one and be invisible?!

We understand that the market value of your product or service is only as good as its visibility.


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization):

We pride ourselves on our web design skills, but we understand that the most important function of your website is its search-engine friendliness.

Here are some aspects of the successful website SEO: (by relevance)


Search engine optimization should always be the first priority in your marketing campaign, since it's the most affordable way to get sales.

As a part of your website SEO IDEA PiPE will review and optimize your content and SEO tags. We'll focus on your weakest SEO points and make them stronger, optimizing every SEO aspect of your website: text, images, videos, tags, etc.

We always run tests when this process is completed to make sure your website meets our standards.

In most cases SEO is an ongoing process: every month we check current website performance using Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics and continue improving your SEO as more data becomes available.



Online Marketing:

To reach your objectives thinking and acting strategically promote your company in places where your potential customers are.

Search Engine Marketing:

Solution that offers you both a better positioning in search engines based on keywords relevant to the work they undertake.


Social Media Marketing

Held campaigns in social networks where potential and current customers, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, Flickr, Trilulilu, etc..

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